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Mon étoile

Mon étoile -Repetto

*Excluding delivery fees

For Mother’s Day, celebrate your mother in the most beautiful way: by giving them a star with their name.

From Tuesday May 26th to Saturday May 30th, for every purchase over 200 euros in one of our boutiques or on our online shop*, you will have the opportunity to name a star in the Repetto Constellation.

A constellation that’s just like a ballet corps where every star has its own music and its own movement, bringing a marvellous astral dance to life.

Following your purchase, you will receive a card giving you all the details to name your star and make the registry at the International Star Registry.

For every christened star an ISR certificate ( International Star Registry) will be send to you, thus registering for eternity the GPS coordinates and the name under which that star will now be known.

A wonderful way to say to the star who brought us into this world how beautiful she is and how just like that faraway astral body, our love for her is forever.