Le balletblanc
The new perfumed act

This olfactory ballet offers a new interpretation of Repetto’s femininity.

The bottle in a perpetual motion puts on a new stage costume: embraced by two frosted wings, ready to be spread out, this delicate movement brings forward a new story.

The white satin ribbon has been tied in such a way as to echo the defined waists of dancers in tutus.

The notes

Subtle notes of blackberry and mandarin zest introduce a delicate heart of peony and sambac jasmine with honeyed, almost orange facets. The peony brings a dazzling freshness while weaving a subtle link through the Repetto family of fragrances. Finally, the softness of swan feathers radiates over the skin with a blanket of white musks and an ambergris accord, revealing an ethereal sensuality.

« This new composition offers the enveloping warmth of musk around a fruity indulgence; like the wings of a swan atop a juicy blackberry. » Juliette Karagueuzoglou.

A fragrance inviting us to spread our wing and fly…

Le lac des cygnes
Scene 1: On the shore of a calm yet mysterious lake, prince Siegfried catches sight of a majestic swan and instantly falls under the charms of the elegant bird, oblivious of Rothbart’s evil powers.
Scene 2: A ball is organized at the castle, in honor of the prince, so that he may choose his fiancée. Suddenly a black swan appears, who is none other than Odile, the daughter of Rothbart the evil wizard… Tricked by the resemblance with his beloved, he falls in the trap, thus breaking his vow of eternal love.
Scene 3: Prince Siegfried returns to the lac to implore Odette for her forgiveness, which she accepts, and love finally triumphs.
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