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Main Benefits of Becoming a Repetto Affiliate

1- You are joining a global brand with a very French image which develops exclusive products for the luxury sector, supported by a true history and genuine expertise (stitch and return).

2- A unique concept combining the imagery of the world of classic dance with the commercial attraction of products from a global brand (shoes, leather goods, ready-to-wear).

3- Strong communication (high awareness of the brand) starting in stores’ window displays.

4- Brand exclusivity for your town/city.

5- Benefit from the online reservation and in-store delivery services to generate traffic in your stores.

6- Regular supplies (permanent products, global network stock and zero inventory at the end of the season) and advance delivery of the new collections each season.

7- An integration and assistance programme on opening followed by regular monitoring by Network Coordination

Affiliation Conditions

1- No. 1 Town Centre location with a sales + storage surface area of 80 m².

2- A seven-year contract.

3- Affiliate’s commission rate: 42% excluding tax on turnover before tax.

4- An initial fee of 15,000 euros excluding tax, including Repetto architect fees.

5- Investment for works: 1,500 euros excluding tax per m², excluding structural works.

6- Repetto information system and till software, automatic replenishment.

7- Participation in national advertising and Repetto flagship window displays: 1% excluding tax on turnover before tax.