The Eau de Parfum
makes its debut

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Entree en scene de lEau de Parfum Repetto
danseuse repetto

As the heiress of the original fragrance,
this new creation expresses an even more intense femininity.

While the Eau de Toilette illustrates a dancer’s grace, the elegance of her presence, the powdery pink of her toe shoes and the flowing movement of an adagio, the Eau de Parfum was inspired by a gala evening, conveying a concentrate of emotions like those a prima ballerina feels just before the start of a ballet.

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Director: Séraphin Ducellier / Creative director: Jean-Baptiste Rougeot

The second act of its scented story,
an even more sensual and carnal variation.
Bouteille parfum

Top notes
Plum and cherry blossom

Heart notes
Rose and orange blossom

Base notes
Patchouli and amber elixir

The notes

In the Eau de Parfum, pear is replaced by an even juicier plum top note. We recognize the powdery effect of cherry blossom, which gives a velvety, almond-like aspect to the middle note. Petal after petal, the rose opens on skin and mixes with the scent of orange blossom.

But the base notes are the ones which lead this perfume to the oriental family of scents, also known as the ambers. Along with the refined patchouli which permeates the fragrance, Olivier Polge has elaborated an amber elixir, for a blend of addictive, luscious notes. In the center of this elixir, vanilla pulses with unexpected intensity.

Animation Bouteilles eau de parfum Repetto
Le parfum Repetto

Eau de Parfum


1 oz

Le parfum Repetto

Eau de Parfum


1.7 oz

Le parfum Repetto

Eau de Parfum


2.6 oz