Opéra de Rome
Opéra de Rome

In 2015, Repetto became the official supplier of the Rome Opera Ballet. The ties between the Opera and Maison Repetto have been growing ever since, leading to the launch of "Behind the scenes of a company", a project that offers the public an opportunity to go backstage.

Teatro dell'opera di roma
The Rome Opera House, headed by Carlo Fuortes, is working in partnership with a corps de ballet led by artistic director Eleonora Abbagnato, principal dancer at the Paris Opera. As well as an extraordinary dancer, Eleonora is an extremely charismatic leader, offering the public access to prestigious programmes and events. Maison Repetto is happy to play a part in the success of this world-famous ballet.

« The Concert » by Jerome Robbins, "Annonciation" by Angelin Preljocaj and "Cacti" by Alexander Ekman: three distinctive and remarkable ballets that bring the artistic world of these great choreographers to light.

Collaboration Repetto x the rome opera.
An artistic encounter that puts movement at the heart of the creative process by treating it as a universal language. From individuals to the group, each dancer brings a different meaning to this project through their own personal interpretation.