The Iconics

Repetto mythic shoes are made in France, in our factory in Saint Medard d'Excideuil, Dordogne, using the exclusive "stitch and return" technique. Throughout the process of fabrication, numerous controls are carried out to ensure comfort, quality and esthetism to every single pair of shoes.

Cendrillon ballerinas

In 1956, on Brigitte Bardot's dream, Rose Repetto creates a ballerina as comfortable as a ballet shoe, but much more appealing and feminine. The ballerina Cendrillon is immortalised in carmin red in the movie "Et Dieu créa la femme". The Cendrillon is since then the mythic shoe of Repetto. Made with the "stitch and return" technique, it comes in different colours and materials.

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Zizi Oxford shoes

In the 70s, Serge Gainsbourg becomes Repetto brand ambassador wearing the famous white Zizi. These Repetto shoes, created for Zizi Jeanmaire, daughter-in-law of Rose Repetto, are made with the "stitch and return" Repetto method. Developped for Women and Men, the Zizi will always be fashionable.

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Michael loafers

In 2009, Repetto creates the Michael, a comfortable and elegant loafer which matches perfectly with the preppy tendency. These loafers are made with the "stitch and return" technique. This design appeals to both men and women and is a Repetto essential.

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